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Equipment Specifications

Plant Capacity

31100m3/year, 5210 lts/hour of 96.50ēGL grade ethanol
6900m3/year, 1666 lts/hour of 99.95ēGL grade ethanol
2700m3/year, (variable hourly production) of distillery heads and tails

Products and Quality

Neutral Potable 96.50ēGL grade alcohol (beverages and vinegar)
Denatured 96.50ēGL grade alcohol (industrial uses like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, etc.)
Neutral & Denatured Dehydrated 99.95ēGL grade alcohol
Neutral & Denatured distillery heads and tails for industrial uses


Fermentation engineered by Sugar Company
Distillery engineered by  – FG Ingenieros
Evaporators engineered by Sugar Company – Lurgi


Mode 1: Only sugar beet molasses
100% Sugar Beet Molasses

Mode 2: Sugar beet molasses and raw sugar mix
0% to 60% Sugar Beet Molasses

40% to 0% Raw Sugar

Feedstock Yields

1.20 tons of raw sugar per m3 of 99.95ēGL grade ethanol
3.5 tons of sugar beet molasses (45%w/w sugar content) per m3 of 99.95ēGL grade ethanol

Steam Consumption

3225 kg of live steam at 130ēC and 2.6bar(a) per m3 of 96.50ēGL grade ethanol
3897 kg of live steam at 130ēC and 2.6bar(a) per m3 of 99.95ēGL grade ethanol

Power Consumption
33.3kWh per m3 of 99.95ēGL grade ethanol

Plant Status
Boiler and Evaporators (only 3rd and 4th effect) recovered from the '80s.
Evaporators (1st and 2nd effect) fully refurbished in 2002 (as new).
The distillation columns were installed in 2001
Fermentation and distillery built in 2001
Dehydration built in 2004
Shut down in January 2010

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SRI Chakravarthi & Co.
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Vijayawada - 520 003. A.P., INDIA
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updated: 09/14/2010